Full Truck Load vs. Less Than Truckload: Which Option is Right for Your Shipping Needs?

Posted on July 6th, 2023.

When it comes to shipping your goods, it's important to choose the right method that suits your specific needs. With a variety of options available, it can be overwhelming to decide whether a full truck load (FTL) or less than truckload (LTL) service is the best fit for your shipping requirements. At Copy That Freight Brokerage, we understand the importance of making the right choice, which is why we're here to help you navigate through the differences between FTL and LTL shipping.

Full Truck Load

Full Truck Load (FTL) shipping is a freight transportation service that involves utilizing an entire truck to transport a shipment. As its name implies, FTL is designed to accommodate large volumes of goods, guaranteeing that the entire trailer is utilized efficiently. This method is highly advantageous for businesses with substantial quantities of products, as it ensures that the entire truck is dedicated solely to their shipment, minimizing the risk of damage or loss.

One of the key advantages of FTL shipping is its fast transit time. By occupying the entire truck, there are no additional stops or transfers along the way, resulting in a direct route to the destination. This not only expedites the delivery process but also reduces the likelihood of delays caused by multiple pickups or drop-offs.

Another significant benefit of FTL shipping is the enhanced security it offers. With the goods being the sole items in the truck, there is a reduced risk of damage or loss during transit. Unlike Less-than-Truck Load (LTL) shipping, where multiple shipments share a truck, FTL ensures that your products are not subjected to potential damage caused by the handling or movement of other shipments.

Furthermore, FTL is particularly advantageous for time-sensitive freight that requires prompt and secure transportation to its destination. This method offers reliable and swift delivery, making it an ideal choice for businesses working with perishable or time-critical goods. By eliminating unnecessary stops and transfers, FTL ensures that your products reach their destination promptly and in optimal condition, where you need it, when you need it.

Less than TruckLoad

LTL shipping, which stands for "Less than TruckLoad," is a highly efficient and convenient option for transporting smaller shipments that do not require an entire truck for transportation. This type of shipping is particularly beneficial for businesses or individuals who are looking for a cost-effective solution to ship goods without the need for a full truckload.

When you opt for LTL shipping, your goods will be consolidated with other shipments that are headed in the same direction. This allows for maximum utilization of truck space and ensures that the cost of transportation is divided among multiple customers. As a result, LTL shipping provides an economical option for both the shipper and the recipient.

Furthermore, LTL shipping trucks make multiple stops along their route to pick up and drop off shipments. While this may slightly increase the overall transit time compared to dedicated truckload shipping, it provides a convenient and flexible solution for those who require smaller shipments to be transported.

One of the major advantages of LTL shipping is that it allows you to pay only for the space your shipment occupies within the truck. This means that you are not required to pay for a whole truckload, even if you do not have enough items to fill it. This cost-saving feature makes LTL shipping an ideal choice for smaller businesses, startups, or individuals who have limited shipping needs and want to avoid unnecessary expenses.

In addition to being budget-friendly, LTL shipping services often come with additional benefits such as tracking and insurance options. These services provide peace of mind knowing that your smaller shipment is being handled with care and can be easily monitored throughout its journey.

Overall, LTL shipping offers a practical and cost-effective solution for those with smaller shipping needs. It allows for the transportation of goods in a consolidated manner, reducing costs, and providing flexibility. With the added advantages of being able to track your shipment and choose insurance options, LTL shipping is a popular choice for businesses and individuals who are looking for an efficient and economical way to transport their goods.

Which One Suits My Business Best?

When faced with the decision of which shipping method to choose between FTL and LTL, it is crucial to carefully weigh the specific needs of your business. Evaluating the size and urgency of your shipment is paramount in making the optimal choice.

If you have a substantial amount of goods that require quick and direct transportation without any additional stops along the way, FTL emerges as the clear winner. By reserving an entire truck solely for your cargo, you ensure that your shipment receives the utmost speed and efficiency.

Conversely, if your shipment is relatively smaller in size and cost-effectiveness is of utmost importance to your business, LTL becomes the logical and ideal choice. With LTL, your goods will be consolidated with other shipments in the same truck, allowing you to share the transportation costs with other businesses, ultimately reducing your expenses.

Transitioning between FTL and LTL can be a seamless process for your business. At Copy That Freight Brokerage, we have the expertise to efficiently manage both FTL and LTL shipments. Our dedicated team ensures that your goods are handled with care, regardless of the shipping method chosen. We work with a vast network of trusted carriers, allowing us to optimize transit times and provide competitive pricing that aligns with your specific shipping needs.

If you're still unsure which option is best for your shipping needs, don't hesitate to reach out to Copy That Freight Brokerage. Our experienced team is ready to answer your questions and offer personalized advice. We understand that every shipment is different, and we strive to find the best solution that meets your specific requirements.

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