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At Copy That Freight Brokerage, we understand the importance of having the right carrier to get your loads delivered on-time, in one piece, and at the right price. We are a freight brokerage company focused on proposing you the right services in the right moment, always looking to secure you the best price of the market.

We create strategies based on the analysis of each client’s needs and expectations. We are well-known for providing excellent customer service and streamlined logistics solutions, so you can trust us to get your cargo moved quickly and efficiently. Our skilled team is passionate about helping trucking companies succeed and strives to consistently provide our clients with a wide range of inexpensive options, reliable service, and an outstanding customer service experience.
Having more than 20 years of experience in the trucking industry, we have become a trusted name in cargo transportation. Our personalized services have allowed us to create long-term relationships with trucking companies, giving us the edge in understanding their specific needs and capturing their loyalty. We are proud to say that all of our services are tailored to any size of shipping—small or large, local or long-distance.
By choosing us, you can depend on us to deliver the best deal on freight services quickly and effectively. We take time to understand each client’s individual requirements and create tailored solutions, allowing you to get the best price on the market and deliver your cargo on time.

If you want to experience the best in freight brokerage services, then contact us today. Our commitment to finding the best price in the industry will ensure that you can depend on us and trust us to handle all your shipping needs with the highest level of professionalism.

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